Thursday, July 16, 2009

the winter of our discontent

its been a long and bitter one so far. The swine flu and its many bastard relatives seem to be ripping through town and it seems every second person you talk to has been laid low for a week or two at a time. A few people I know have ended up in hospital with severe pneumonia.Lize has copped a dose of it and I had a little blast of something a week or so ago. Unpleasant stuff, especially when time off isn't really an option in our jobs.

Whilst I'm on the cheery stuff, a fellow licensee suicided last week. Never an easy reality to digest, it provokes some extreme reactions in people. I find the anger understandable yet somehow unfair. When you are in the frame of mind when popping your cork seems a valid option, consideration for the people you leave behind can't be that easy to come by. Poor geezer ended up necking himself in the cellar, which to be honest is starting to spook me out when I head down into my own to change a keg. There is something weird and grave like about the holes under the ground in which we store our beer. Hope you've found a happier place Glenn.