Monday, June 30, 2008

the squitter

we now have a dog. A squat, slightly insane fox terrier with a black head and spots delightfuly christened Squitter by his previous owners. The same owners who dumped him at the pound because he didn't suit their lifestyle apparently. Squitter is great craic, humping your leg and shitting in the lounge room. (cue Amy Winehouse gag.... actually scratch that) Anyway the little guy is settling in well, scorning the $60 bed Lize bought him in favour of the couch in the back room. He also prefers ham off the bone to dogfood and howls like a recently bereaved coyote when we leave for work. Other hobbies include stealing Lize's knickers and farting. He and I are a well matched pair.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

uh huh oh yeah

Lize and I love a good party, and though I say so myself we aren't too bad at it either. We both get a little over excited and spend a bit too much but it was great to see Lize have a special night with all her mates over. I spent a couple of days honing a playlist on itunes that was a careful mix of old funk and soul, new wave, reggae, some cheesey 80s dance and some more recent floor fillers. Pumped it all through a recently acquired PA system that has 800 watts of fatness and that was the tunes covered. Decked the pergola out with heaps of fairy lights all twinkling like crazy, a couple of braziers to ward off the winter chill and a bbq running all night with lamb, chicken and roast vegetable kebabs. Add fifty up for it mates, shitloads of beer, scotch and tequila and it was good times all round.

Of course it took two days to tidy up afterwards and there was a certain amount of seediness but would do it again next week if I could find a good enough excuse.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

rolling and a tumbling

the weeks all blur into one in steady job. Weekends serve as punctuation and here's what I've done on mine lately.

- went and saw seriously fine Oz band Dallas Crane do what is rumoured to be a final show. Supports the Gin Club had the aura of the Rolling Thunder Revue, awesome eclectic stuff drawing strands from folk, blues, country and noisy rock in to a brilliant weave. They also played that Jacaranda song which is a fine piece of psyche pop. The Crane themselves were by turns ornery, pissy and majestic. I hope this isn't the last we see of them.

- got seriously loose after the show. Even went to a late night dance academy for young ladies. I should not be left unsupervised in big cities. No one tells me to go to bed and I feel ill and seedy for days.

- had a pleasant weekend in Victoria's shittest seaside town. Portland would be gorgeous if the bluestone whaler's cottages and sweet old buildings weren't surrounded by industrial development that has been plonked down massively and randomly in odd places. The maritime museum was tops with a big whale skeleton, old boats and sailory trinkets and an incredible amount of shipwreck meromabilia.

- the drive back from Portland was a bitch. 3 1/2 crappy hours of tailgating and trucks.

- it's the girls birthday this weekend. It will be a big show. She might be getting a puppy too, but I reckon I might leave it till after the festivities.