Sunday, November 18, 2007

bad blogger

Ok, i've been a touch neglectful of the blog. In my defence life's remained a little crazy. Since I last posted I've farewelled one employee back to Ireland (the lovely Roisin who we miss horribly), nearly sold the pub (knock on wood) and been to an awards night in Melbourne. In addition to that I played my first real show in 3 1/2 years punched the odd wall and done lots of cooking on the BBQ.

Ro's farewell was a great day, BBQ lunch at lake wendouree, cricket and cans of beer then on to murphy's for pints and a sing and then back to Ro & Froggys for more drunken convos and drunker hugs. Struggled through work the next day with a savage hangover but it was well worth it. I'll miss those crazy kids an it will be nice to catch up with them if we make it over to
ireland next year.

The selling of the bar drags on. It's like some ornate, overly mannered oriental dance involving bafflingly obtuse participants and a blushing reluctant bride. My role is that of the husband to be. The lawyers, financiers, acountants and landlords all make unintellible statements simaultaneously while the would be buyer seems scared to actually make a decision. Anyhoo given Ballfornia's excellent gossip service I have been informed several times by people who have nothing to do with it that it is in fact a done deal. We shall see.

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cogidubnus said...

Good luck...hope it goes well...