Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the wreck of the hesperus

this poor old blog is a rusting hulk slowly melting into the sand. Life goes on whether you write about it or not though. The pub still dominates my waking hours, though i am definitely spending less time there. I'm coping a bit better, and have a bunch of strategies in place that are keeping my head above water. The range from the puerile to the mildly illegal but seem to be largely harmless. Suffice to say as a longtime boozer, I'm getting better aquainted with the marvellous diverse uses of the hemp plant. Lize seems to enjoy my tranquil state as does the dog, on whose level i seem to be operating at least one or two nights a week.

There's been a couple of deaths in my circle of friends and aquaintances in the last couple of months, both larger than life characters, tougher, hardier men than myself. One went by his own hand, another through a bike accident. After the sadness, you feel vulnerable in a way. Mortality looms large. Anyway, vale Dan and Paddy.

Spent yesterday drinking in the sun with the staff. We closed for the Easter Monday public holiday and BBQed various meats and enjoyed jugs of watermelon daiquiri made from melons that sprung up of their own accord in the pub's back yard. A lovely day with very little unpleasantness and a lot of laughter. In the tradition of all staff parties there were a couple of incidents in the late evening, involving a divisional van and an errant young barman but no harm seemed to come of it all.

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