Thursday, July 26, 2007

pissed and pissed off

Fair enough I've had half a dozen shots or so of sambucca. And its been a long week. But Jesus Christ I've had a gutful.

Worked all bloody night to have the pub looking tip top. Candles, little bowls of lollies on the tables, a very decent act from Melbourne playing after Trivia (free entry mind, these guys are a $12 ticket on all the other shows on the tour), $4.50 pints in happy hour and you'd think a few would turn up. Did they fuck.

40 or so happy souls filtered in for a night that honestly deserved at least 150. I've had enough. The general public can go fuck themselves. I know I should roll wth the punches and I generally do but there comes a point where I think I'm past running a fucking charity. Fuck this I'm going to do more shots.

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