Wednesday, July 4, 2007

smoke free, wet and other stuff

Well it's the first week of smoke free bars in sunny Victoria. There hasn't been as much upheaval as we thought thus far but it is early days I guess. Data from Ireland suggests it's the country "real" pubs that get hit hardest so we shall see. Reading the Snug blog this arvo the writer suggested a number of around 500 rural pub closures over there since the bans kicked in 3 years ago. Speaking selfishly hopefully our little band venue/late night watering hole doesn't get hit too hard.

Went to Murphy's on monday to test the vibe - it does seem weird to be leaving the bar when you want a fag. I reckon I was a bit on edge and drank less as a consequence. Also checked out gambling palace Zagames where Cossie observed the outdoor smoking area was preferable for the lack of slot machine noise and the lack of bug eyed gimps (his words) staring at you after they've flushed a weeks wages down the slots.

I've had a bugger of a toothache for the last three days and have been wandering about in a codeine daze. The rain seems very soothing thru the fug and hell there seems to be plenty of it.Lakes Entrance where Lize and I used to holiday in our pre pub days has had a mini New Orleans style flood and the rains showing no signs of abating here.

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