Friday, February 15, 2008

Dulce Domum

Its nice to be home. I really like where we live. It's tiny by Australian standards, a little two bedroom miner's cottage on top of a hill with a nice long backyard full of shady trees and big paved area with a pergola type thing over it. We don't have rumpus rooms or spare bedrooms and sometimes we're a bit stuck for space especially when it comes to storing my guitars, drumkits and such as well as Lize's collection of hatboxes, jewellery boxes, candlelabras and hatstands but everywhere has it's drawbacks. The no garage thing is a bit of a pain too but again nothings perfect.

What I do love is the age of the place. I like how generations have lived and loved and died in this place. Babies would have been born here in the old days too I suppose. It doesn't feel creepy like some old houses, it's warm and cosy and cheery. On hot days because its on top of the hill you always get a nice breeze through. The polished boards feel clean and honest under your feet and the pale green walls are a nice change from spec home magnolia. We were lucky to get the place really, it was literally weeks later that property prices virtually doubled and being a couple of hospitality industry scumbags home ownership would have been out of the question.

Herself has furnished it pretty nicely as well I reckon. When I first moved in with Lize my sum total of household goods were a mattress, a Guns n Roses poster and some chipped plates and mugs. She picks cool stuff and has framed prints, postcards and mate's artwork everywhere and the furniture is kind of groovy without being worth a fortune. The best thing we have it a big dining table. Its not particularly expensive or beautiful or anything but it gives the place a good social focus. We eat at it all the time, we drink with our mates around it and have cuppas and chats around it. It served as the boardroom table when we had the bar and it sees a fair bit of Uno and scrabble action too. It always has a dismantled copy of the Age at one end and is accumulating a good collection of drink rings and scratches as a table should. I remember giving Lize a hard time about buying such a big table at the time which makes me feel a complete dickhead to this day.

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