Wednesday, February 13, 2008

High Tide & Greener Grass

I know it's a shocking old cliche but the sea is a very soothing piece of work. Hypnotic and powerful it gives you perspective, glittering and calm it gives you peace and and in my case the urge to paint. Which I must say I ignored, but there was a moment most mornings during our walks when the urge to daub was quite strong. Weird because I haven't weilded a paintbrush in anger since I was 18 and haven't given a lot of thought to it since. But back to the sea - damn I wish I lived near it. The air is so fresh, the scenery constantly changes and your appetite for food, drink and life in general is whetted. Nothing is finer than fish and chips on a cooling beach at sunset, a hot shower after a swim or a cooling beer washing the salt from your lips. Magic stuff. It makes your life in your inland city seem dull and grey and just plain dry.

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