Thursday, May 15, 2008

the new job

the new job kinda sucks. I'm in a call centre working for a large state government authority. To book a single appointment can involve as many as five different programs running simaultaneously, and my fellow staff are by turns angry, broken or snippy. Breaks are short and frequent, I suspect because the meltdown factor is quite high. No eating at the desk, no denim, no mobiles, no internet use and constant monitoring by a little robot on your desktop who gets angry if you go to your break late. I can't wait to see the little arsehole's reaction to long boozey lunch. The queue time for the long suffering punter is over 20 minutes and they are correspondingly irate when you eventually get around to talking to them. It doesn't help when a clueless buffoon like myself is trying to guide them through a legislative minefield that he is equally ignorant about.

They aren't all sad times though. Tomorrow is free pizza and stupid shirt day, and once a month the place goes nuts and casual clothes are allowed. Crazy!

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