Thursday, May 1, 2008

the week that was

it's been a week of minutae. Saturday had Lize, myself and our mates Vicky and Andrew head down to Koroit for an Irish music festival. It pissed rain for the duration of the festival which seemed to thin numbers considerably as the day wore on. Despite this I had a pretty enjoyable day (the cheap Guinness might have helped with this) A couple of decent acts, Bean an tre (?) being the most notable, livened things up. Some acts were frankly shithouse. Out of tune guitars and mandolins just aren't excusable in this era of the electronic tuner. Anyhoo it was a good a day with an honourable mention to the kitchen staff at Mickey Burke's pub who were serving piping hot stews and soups to the bedraggled hordes who desperately needed something both nourishing and warming.

Applied for a couple of 'normal' jobs this week. Weirdly enough I still haven't heard back on the part time bar gig I put my hand up for... ...maybe fate is intervening to keep me away from the taps!

Back to the eye quack today and things aren't looking great, nor are they dire. Referrals to specialists are in train and I've decided to stop worrying about it. As i type I'm sweating buckets and coughing hideously anyway, so the flu is providing a pleasant distraction from longterm eyesight dramas.

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