Thursday, July 10, 2008

top 10 reasons you know you've worked in a band venue for too long

1 you get to know what the touring sound engineers like to drink. And you realise that knowledge can be more important than knowing what the band likes.

2 your home sound system is an ipod through a small PA.

3 you can't actually listen to Australian music any more.

4 the word screamo makes you come out in a rash.

5 you realise that band bios are a load of toss. Modern bands sound like Duran Duran, Tool or Green Day. Or on a bad day all three at the same time.

6 you don't consider Hip hop to be a live art form.

7 you assume DJs are wankers. (and are proved to be right way too often)

8 you know that the bigger the rockstar, the nicer they are. This doesn't mean they won't hit you up for coke at 2am on a Monday morning in a small country town. But they'll be nice about it.

9 you realise there is more booze in your drinks cabinet than was on the shelf of the first pub you worked at.

10 you catch yourself thinking about buying another one......

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