Tuesday, August 5, 2008


today was a good day for Lize and I. The final annoying bits and bobs of the business have been finished and Sharpshooter the accountant gave us the happy news. We no longer have a mortgage! We have to go and see the bank and get the rest of the balance put into what in effect is a teensy little car loan, so while we ain't totally debt free, we are near as buggery to being so. Mission accomplished!

To celebrate we went out for Mexican to a place called Zaragosa. The staff are lovely, the food is a little better than the regular Oz take on Mexican and its a really nice room. I still feel a bit crook and Lize is swamped workwise so we kept it civilized drinkswise (a couple of glasses of sangria for her, two margheritas for me). We both had enchilda type meals with beans and rice which were really enjoyable in a spicy but stodgy kind of way. Joy of joys we got to sit next to a nice young family whose 'lively' 2 year old managed to throw a couple of spoons at me in between screaming fits. My personal highlight was overhearing devil child's mother ordering a semi long blonk, a drop which I gather is a close relative to the semillon blanc.

Anyhoo we kind of let the chaos flow past us because of our excitement. We keep coming up with ridiculous ideas to use our ill gotten gains on and it feels good to be able to plan and get enthused together again.

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cogidubnus said...

Congratulations on your debt-free status!