Tuesday, August 12, 2008

two dogs

we're dogsitting at the moment. Dougal is Lize's parents' scottish terrier, a canine of advanced years and dubious bladder. Squitter and Dougal aren't fighting, but do seem to be bringing out the worst in each other. So far today they've had a pissing contest (currently deadlocked at 5 all), howled with gusto at varous upsetting events (Lize going to work, me going into the bedroom, the gate swinging in the breeze etc) and indulged in unhealthy bouts of dry humping. They're both neutered males so the doggie man love is a little disconcerting. They're both staring at me as I type, like some sort of four legged children of the corn. Its going to be long week.

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cogidubnus said...

Yeah, we have our daughters dog living with us semi-permanently now - horrid beast - barks like mad if a fly farts three streets away - loves crapping contests, and has steadily (despite formidable vet attention) stripped all the hair from his back and tail...makes our own garbage-raiding, floor-puking pooch look an angel!