Saturday, August 2, 2008


its saturday night, and instead of tripping around Ballafornia drinking vast tankards of bulls blood and being fawned upon by fragrant young things i'm sitting at the computer in a lather of sweat, coughing and choking and red in the face. I have some sort of super flu. It's been smacking me around like a red-headed stepchild for ten days and frankly I'm sick of it. I can't taste food, my voice sounds like broken glass and everything hurts. My lungs are full of green goo and even breathing is painful.

As a consolation Geelong did the right thing and clinically despatched Richmond by 10 goals in the footy, then joy of joys I caught a Chappelle repeat. Whilst I've been sick I've done a bit of dross reading. Read Maire NĂ­ Brennan's bio which was pretty crap to be honest. It read like a Maeve Binchy book, a lot of romanticised catholic childhood guff followed quickly by abortion, cocaine, divorce and new age christian bollocks. It did prompt me to check out some old Clannad stuff on youtube. The early trad material is amazing, and some of the later synth era gear was ground breaking even though to modern ears it sounds very day spa/relaxation tapes lame.

Also read the Boy George bio which was very much what it should be. Camp, bitchy, self-obsessed and with the barest of mentions of the actual music involved. I was taken aback by how confronted I was by the fairly graphic descripions of gay sex. I've got plenty of gay mates but I guess they spare me the more lurid details of their love lives. I wasn't disgusted or anything just kind of shocked. I must be more conservative than I thought.

Also I've been indulging in a lot more Podcast listening. Kevin Smith's Smodcasts at View Askew are bloody funny. Clerks and Dogma are two of my favourite flicks and while not everything the guy touches is gold he is piss funny for a Yank. Down loaded some Stephen Fry and Coodabeens podcasts as well. Fry is a funny old sod, one of the podcasts is a very Wildean 30 minutes on how much he hates dancing the other being a heavily medicated rant about breaking his arm up the Amazon. Odd but witty stuff. The Coodabeens are great relaxed sport related humour, of absolutely no interest to anyone not au fait with the ephemera of AFL football, but i find them fucken hilarious.

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