Monday, May 14, 2007

first crack

I'm a 35 year old fat bloke from Ballarat who runs a bar. I guess want to have a go at blogging for the usual reasons - vanity, venting and to see if I can sustain any sort of writing over a period of time. I'm shithouse at teh old interweb so don't be coming here looking for links and photos and the like. Unless I learn something new and that ain't likely.

I don't think I'l name the bar I run yet, customers or worse still bands who play there might stumble across this and be offended or start badgering for shows. Having said we have bands probably gives it away anyhoo ├žos the live scene in Ballarat ain't exactly the Sunset Strip.

Thanks to combining the joy of gasro enteritis and a heavy cold into the one week there was no rock and roll for me last week. Three nights on the couch in the warming glow of cable telly punctuated by frantic sprints to the shitter/bone shaking coughing fits has left me almost missing the happy squeals of sound engineers tweaking a PA eq for an hour to have it sound the same as it did when they walked in.

I shouldn't whine about the job though. Since I was 12 I wanted to be a rockstar and due to a number of factors (lack of talent, looks and application) that didn't work out. But instead I've managed to eke out a living over the last 11 years initially working in and subsequently owning a live music venue. So sometimes you get to buy people whose records you love a drink or hear new stuff that blows your mind. That's the good bits in a nutshell.

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