Sunday, May 20, 2007

sunday morning coming down

what a hell of a couple of days. Put in three nights straight at the pub for the first time in 10 days and i'm feeling a bit stiff afterwards. the fact we bevvied on pretty heavily sunday morning probably doesn't help but to be honest i was just happy to be in my business and help nick the bar manager and the kids out a bit.

There have been times over the last few months where owning and running a live music venue has been the last thing i wanted to do. Constant financial pressure, the Ballarat punters tendency to demand top line artists and then stay away in droves and my increasing health dramas have all combined to make it tough. Saturday was one of those nights that gives you hope though - the genuine buzz on the Dukes when they came offstage thanks to a bumper enthusiastic young crowd and an awesome night of cheery (on the whole) punters hanging out till very late. The coffers were filled (et least enough to keep the Tax Beast at bay for a couple of weeks) and it was smiles all round after work and I gave the jack and cokes a fair lash.

Lize, Nick and I went to l├ęspresso for brekky and the bonhomie continued. Pleasantries were even exchanged with the theme pub up the road people.
Prior to this point relations have been strained (well they wanted to kill Nick anyway) so this was a nice thing. Pancakes and bacon were ace but teh bloody marys hurt me a touch but all in all a great end to the week.

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