Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've got on the Facebook. Its kind of fun, lots less spam than myspace and less pornstars and pyramid schemes trying to friend you. Bits of it weird me out. Everyone has seems to have a degree, be either travelling or about to travel, and be rather pretty. I miss out on all three scores but I'm amusing myself anyway. Networking setups like this are I guess a relative of the blog. There's the elements of voyeurism/narcissism/exhibitionism. The constant search for trivia and ephemera.....

Maybe it doesn't pay too think about it too much, but you kind of wonder how much information about each other we need. I worry about the day someone I know reads this, gets upset or angry by something I've said. Having said that I probably wouldn't stop. The fact that blogging forces me to sit down and think about what I've thought and done in the last week is probably a good thing. Even if it is just bitching.

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cogidubnus said...

I've not got into facebook - perhaps like you since my education was at the university of life, I've long given up travelling (to bring up a family) and if my face was my fortune I'd still have F*** all !

Having taken a quick look though, a lot of them do seem to be pretentious know-nothings!