Sunday, September 23, 2007


The little sister is getting married on Tuesday. Little sister, after years of unsuitable boyfriends (generally my dodgy mates) has decided to marry a man called Rick. Rick is a lovely fella, in truth he's actually another of my dodgy mates but he moved to Melbourne a few years ago and I'd kinda lost contact with him. Little sister ran into him at a few rock shows in Melbourne and bada bing bada boom I've got's me a brother in law that is good company and whose bad habits I'm not only aware of but at one time aided and abetted.

In some ways its Rick I feel sorry for. My family are pretty odd I guess. Parents are both conservative catholic teetotallers, not very social and kind of odd. There's no swearing at home, the telly gets switched off at the first glimpse of boob and I still haven't had that chat about the birds and the bees with Dad. In fact they dispensed with telly altogether for the eighties which was hard to explain at school and has left me a wasteland as far as pop culture goes for that decade. Other foibles included an urge to pray the rosary whenever you had mates out to stay and Mam firing copious amounts of holy water at you every time you went to go into town. My relationship with them is weird too - they didn't speak to me for nearly 3 years when Lize and I moved in together and while we get on alright now we still don't mention the war. Mam's family are kind of big on not speaking and I believe that currently Mam and at least two sisters are involved in some kind of three way embargo. So Rick, welcome aboard mate and good luck.

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