Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in the hunt

i'm tossing around the concept of pub ownership again. The bar in Melbourne fell through and I still seem to have the bug I suppose. I've set myself some limits though.

My first stipulation is strictly pub rather than club. No late nights, no DJs, no 'talent' issues and no kiddies scoffing pills whilst off their tits on Smirnoff Ice. I want nice meals, pints, a well stocked jukebox and a cosy bar. Naturally a well chosen wine list and a few single malts on the top shelf. A nice little area for the smokers so they aren't out on the street mingling with the great unwashed. A glass chiller and a glycol taps rig. And I don't want to pay a fortune for it.

Fingers crossed.


cogidubnus said...

I hear exactly where you're coming from...and it sounds good...I bet you're a simply brilliant landlord...

How about you and the missus though?

paddy said...

She's actually keener than I am. She'll stay in her job(it's her dream gig) and maybe help out a bit paperwork wise.