Wednesday, November 12, 2008


the weather has turned hot, dusty and very unpleasant. There's a dry gusty north wind putting grit on everything and two minutes after a shower you're lathered in sweat again. It's the sort of weather that puts people on edge and makes tempers fray. In another month or so we'd call it bushfire weather, but luckily there's still enough greenery about to minimise that risk.

But certainly does seem to be affecting people's moods. I fielded a batch of calls today, mainly from my long suffering solicitor who predicts a long and difficult journey toward obtaining this pub lease. He said he's looking forward to a good scrap though, and sounded pretty positive about the eventual outcome. I just have to be patient. Unfortunately my version of patience constitutes relentless pacing, compulsive smoking and various other obsessive behaviours. Anyway then came a most unexpected call. The vendor. In tears. Worried I was going to back out of the deal... It was a really difficult one to field to be honest. I was able to reassure her that yes I'm still keen, but no I can't fix the problems between her and the landlord. It slowly dawned on her over the course the call that it makes no difference to me whether I deal with her or directly with the landlord if he chucks her out. Hopefully this might give her a bit of clarity about what she has to do. I'm a real pushover for tears, and it took all my self control not to just say dry your eyes girl, here's a big bucket of money. Hopefully she can get herself sorted and it pans out ok for her. Business kind of sucks sometimes.

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