Saturday, November 29, 2008

young love

our mates Tristan and Kristen got married on Saturday. It was a bloody beautiful day. They had the ceremony on a jetty the runs into a dam on Kristen's Dad's farm, and then an afternoon tea in a marquee nearby. Everyone had their own kooky old teacup and there were scones and sandwiches and beer and champagne. Oh yeah and the wedding cake was in the shape of the Tardis. Later on there was an afterparty at the Peter Lalor Hotel, where Ruddo's band the Rye Catchers played a ripping good set and Tristan's best man Gaz rocked the decks afterwards. We were a happy bunch of drunks that staggered down to Karova in the wee hours.

I've really enjoyed the last few weddings I've been too, which is odd because I used to bloody dread them. They've all been quite different, some small, some large but I guess they've had some common themes. One of those being nice people who love each other of course but the other factor has been critical - none have taken the traditional wedding reception format. Kudos to the marrying kiddies for the original event planning. Jaded old thirtysomethings appreciate it,

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