Monday, November 17, 2008

inbetween days

other bits of life continue in between the incessant meetings, phone calls and mountains of paperwork. Last night Lize's mate Heidi came over for tea. Heidi lived with us for a while when she was between houses and is funny little bugger. She's a walking contradiction of a kid, who grew up dirt poor but dresses like a million bucks, is the ditziest blonde I know that has a psychologist's degree and has no confidence but at the same time can talk you into a coma. I knocked up some pasta and we had a bottle of wine while she showed us photos of her recent trip to China, Europe and other such foreign parts. Much as we love the kid, it did leave us wondering whether some short geography and history courses should be mandatory for young travellers. Like many of her generation, Heidi had plenty of interesting experiences on her travels, but had very little context or explanation for a lot of the things she had photos of. She had however been to a totally awesome nightclub somewhere in Spain!

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