Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ramping up

today I got approached by another chef. I kind of put him on the long finger, given I've already made a decision but it was nice to firstly have yet another option and secondly have good people approaching me for a gig. He was kind enough to want to meet me at a pub so I'm pleasantly buzzing after a few pints of cider and a wee nip.

I also went throgh the motions with the city council today, putting in request for permits and the like. They have very precise ideas on the table size for outdoor dining. Apparently if the tables measure more than 90cm x 90cm a crack will occur in the space time continuum and we'll all be sucked into another dimension. Or at the very least incur a fine from the bylaws officer. Either way it's very serious stuff.

1 comment:

Manuel said...

oh yeah the council can shit their pants over the tiniest little thing.......pedants of the worst sort......