Sunday, October 19, 2008

4 days

what I got up to on the weekend

- had our offer on the pub rejected as we hopped into the car to leave. Agent for the vendor still thinks we're in the hunt - I get the feeling there aren't any other offers on the table and there might be a bit of bluff/double bluff going on.

Day 1 - had an easy drive down to the port. Arrived, had antipasto and rum and lime drinks and passed out.

Day 2 - went for short walk in the morning, Lize went to day spa, I went to pub, Lize joined me at pub for tea and then we got thoroughly drunk in the spa back at the cabin.

Day 3 - started with a long, hangover destroying beach walk on what was rapidly turning into a very hot day. Visited some sort of cafe/gallery that was crap in so many ways it wasn't funny. Decided against eating there on principal (smoke free outdoor areas my arse) and went to pub for lunch instead. Faith in humanity restored as publican buys first round and we enjoy some of the best fish we've ever eaten. Alternate between napping, beers and cold spas for the afternoon. Grilled some steaks for tea and then fought a losing battle with the mosquitos armed only with aerogaurd and mojitos until our early bedtime.

Day 4 - eggs benedict for brekky, a bit of junk shop browsing and then we packed the car for the leisurely drive home. Broke the trip with a visit to Clarke's pies in Mortlake for lunch. Great place, completely untouched by any ideas of marketing, modern decor or other late 20th century business concepts. The 'history wall' celebrating Clarke's Pies appearances in local newspapers over the last sixty years is a triumph of something, I'm just not sure quite what.


Manuel said...

I don't have the poker face for such negotiations and what have you......hope you get it.....and glad you had good times...

paddy said...

i'm doing a lot of pacing and smoking atm.