Saturday, October 25, 2008

last of the summer winos

the knowledge that my days of leisure may be drawing to a close is adding a certain zest to my weekends. Last night Lize's brother Xave came over for dinner and we sat outside till nine enjoying the warm night, drinking red wine and munching on a roast meal I knocked up on the barbie. We then went to the Grapes where Obie's pre-wedding drinking binge is entering into it's third and fnal week. Obie and his mates were pretty full by the time we got there and before long disappeared into the night. Had a couple of convivial drinks and watched Xave who by this stage was wearing beer goggles so powerful that he began plying his charm on some of the ahem 'lovelies' crowded around the jukebox. Funny but a bit sad. The lad is twenty nine and lonely as fuck despite his high powered lifestyle and after a few vodkas it starts to show. The search for Miss right rapidly becomes the search for Miss right now. We left the young fella to it and headed home about midnight.

We both pulled up pretty rough (I'm blaming the heat dehydrating us. No, really I am). Cooked Lize and I egg and bacon muffins and spent a leisurely morning nursing ourselves through our delicate condition. In the afternoon a posse of hotties descended upon us. Krissy (Liam's partner) along with Jules and Chewy who both worked for us were all back in town and were in a similarly hungover state so we all sat outside drinking non alcoholic ginger beer and smoking while we caught up on gossip. Chewy in particular is a brutally funny girl and had us in stitches with her theories on Lindsy Lohan's lady bits. Jules had a pretty funny story about a model she goes to uni with in Melbourne who was telling her all about her new boyfriend who likes nothing better than a ball gag and sound thrashing of an evening when it dawned on Jules the new boyfriend not only went to school with her in Ballafornia but plays drums in a semi-famous local band. I'll certainly be seeing him in a whole new light next time I go to one of their shows.

The ladies departed for a cafe for tea and I fired the BBQ back up and we dined on hamburgers before settling down for yet another a look at Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and a peaceful night in.

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Manuel said...

you need to soak up every free moment you have right now......there are some "fun" day ahead......but then again you already know that