Saturday, October 11, 2008

saturdays night's alright

had a lovely day. Lize and I spent the morning harmoniously cleaning our squalid little abode, and then took a spin out to Mt Clear where Matt (of the band with no name) was having a little do to celebrate his lovely daughter Emily turning one. There was a rake of young kiddies running about roaring, kid's party food (I had some lovely sausage rolls and some jelly babies) and the chance to catch up with Matt's dad Kim, one of my favourite customers ever.

Old Kim has survived a nasty bout with prostate cancer and is thankfully very chipper these days. He was a hell raiser as a younger dude, but always a funny and decent guy who taught me more about bar tending from the other side of the jump than any of they guys I've ever worked for. He's back at work, all the hair has grown back and it was grand seeing him enjoying being surrounded by grandchildren and enjoying a quiet beer. He had some nice words of encouragement about the impending business venture and gave me a few handy pointers on the state of building (he's a plumber and knows the place inside out).

The day being nice and warm, Lize and I picked up some antipasto on the way back into town and had a couple of beers under the pergola enjoying the afternoon sun and lazily rearranging the pot plants. Ruddo and Jen swung by and I knocked up some souvlakis for tea and cracked a bottle of red. A few more bods swung by as the night wore on (Liam and Chrissie, Tristan and Kristen) so a few more beers and nibblies materialised and the gathering only broke up at 10.30 when Liam had to head in to work.


cogidubnus said...

Jeez you know you've really had it when you celebrate the birthdays of your mate's fact...welcome to my world!

paddy said...

yup it's official - i'm old and knackered...