Sunday, October 5, 2008

the object of my affection

did a walkthrough of the pub we're looking at today

The positives are

- 3 minutes from our house
- new glycol system
- heaps of room/storage/coolrooms
- close to city centre/university campus
- nice beergarden
- it's cheap

The negatives are

- the landlord is rambunctious to say the least
- I've seen cleaner crackhouses
- needs painting, carpets, airco, blinds, glasswasher, fryer and god knows what else

I'll get a copy of the lease and turnover numbers this week. I'll put in a low bid if its meant to be, well its meant to be. And if it ain't this bum better find a job.


Manuel said...

yeah but 3 minutes from your home can also be a drawback too......but best of luck with that!

paddy said...

this is true. But the thought of a commute brings me out in a rash.....

Manuel said...