Monday, October 6, 2008

adult ed

i went on a training course this morning. I figured before shit gets real hectic I'd better get some basic stuff out of the way. Lize's workmate Darrell the ex-navy dude conducted the course which centred on basic food handling procedures. It was well run and despite my nervousness I aced the test, but to be honest I wouldn't recommend anyone doing anything like this if you want enjoy dining out ever again. Germs, cross contaminants, pesticides, creepy crawlies, filthy hands, sneezing into salads and violent diarrhea were just a few of the appetising subjects covered. They also had a neat trick with a black light where you cleaned your hands in soapy water, put this gunk on your hands and gave them the CSI treatment. Mine looked the inside of Jeffrey Dahmer's fridge. Scary stuff, especially given the unsavoury habits of some of the chefs I'm acquainted with.

I'll be eating at home for a week or two, I reckon.

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Manuel said...

oi! I wash my hands after at least every other smoke.....hehehehe